BAST is a French-Swedish body care brand designed for daily use by athletes, proposing technical products produced in Sweden which respect both the environment and the body. Designed to enhance physical performance and self-confidence.

BAST was created 2015 to help fighters prevent injuries and the effects of the rough treatment they faced constantly challenging combat. We used plant based active ingredients to get the desired effect and fighters all over confirmed they really worked. The initially focus have developed into a deeper understanding of the needs of athletes of shifting kinds. Every challenge has its own pain and since mental and physical preparation is the secret of overcoming any obstacle we decided to continue to explore how products from us could support that.

BAST products prevents injury and treats the needs of an athlete´s body: muscular pain, irritations, odours, hygiene, etc. with noticeable effect based on natural ingredients.

BAST is a community bringing together athletes from all physical sports – with or without an opponent – where courage, determination and surpassing your own limits are a genuine way of life.

Our manifest

Bravery – we celebrate the sportsmen’s courage in their effort

Authenticity –  of the sportsmen in their physical effort and of products and ingredients used in their process of manufacture

Sport – we celebrate the sport, the individual sports which encourage us to go beyond our limits

Technique – of the sportsmen and technics of products


MATS JOHANSSON, the new Swedish wave

A lover of waves, creator of the cosmetics brand L :A Bruket, which harnesses the power of seaweed and sea salts, Mats is a leader in hype and specialty cosmetics. He has settled on the West coast of Sweden (Varberg) with his wife Monica, where he can devote himself to his passion for nature sports and the ocean.

DAVID FROSSARD, itinerary of a gloved child

His considerable nonchalant class is misleading. At the helm of the independent perfumer label Différentes Latitudes, of the Liquides perfume bar and as creator of the rare perfume brand Liquides Imaginaires with his friend Philippe Di Méo, David Frossard has long been passionate about compositions that are full of character resulting in olfactory shocks. David also teaches kickboxing and displays a keen fascination with combat sports of all kinds.

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